The founder of David Barden Creative Ltd is (unsurprisingly) David Barden - a passionate and dedicated professional with 20 years experience in the creative industry, utilising his artistic background to compliment the technical skills required in the modern design industry.

Starting out in publishing for Informa, David then worked in the internal creative department at esure, working on creative across various media. After a further stint at Informa (this time in the Sydney office), David returned to the UK, freelancing for various advertising agencies before becoming senior designer at a Tunbridge Wells based agency, working mainly with clients in the travel industry.

Since it’s launch in the summer of 2008, David Barden Creative Ltd has been serving businesses big and small, national and international, across a wide range of industries.... and it's no coincidence that many of our current clients are those who we've worked with, or for, at some stage in previous employment and maintained excellent working and personal relationships.